The Brand Effect

Hey, what do you want?
Excuse me.

Yeah, you’re excused, tell me what do you want?
What do you have for me to buy?

I’ve nothing affordable for you to buy.
You sure you know that I don’t buy cheap things.

Dude. Come on!
Well, you started it bud. Isn’t?

it was the starting of an endless game started just in a bar, crowded, with stereos not yet set on fire to burn, a group of 4 were found on the corner, seems to be friends, and of-course, there was Jeniffer, the tall sharp and luscious beauty seated amidst them, with her eyes and mind wandering elsewhere in some distant land, though she was with her friends in close proximity, she could be easily spotted else, her friends assumed that she was enjoying their company and lame jokes, yet she was distant, only a cold reader could speak of such minimalistic details that otherwise would go missing, her eyes were sad, her soul, tired, her body a little tensed, he could see all that, yet, a little distance at this moment would not only give her time and space to heal her misery stroke ride she has just got into, so with all that, he stood in a distance to catch the glimpse of her beauty, sad and sexy, stunning both ways.

Couple of days later, resuming her presence at the same place and different hour, she could now be approached for a striking deal, an architect, should be, with her finger playing around her ear and her eyes observing the details of cafe, definitely spoke about her definition of craftsmanship and bespoke details of that cafe.

As she was allowing her wandering eyes to lure into the depths of details present in that place, her eyes fell into the devil, that which hasn’t moved since his eyes spot her, she felt shocked at the moment of gaze passing like thunder into her soul, she felt the glimpse in her soul, a dream, a mystique and the Light passing through her darkness, dissolving into one.

He moved his whisky glasses closer to his lips without moving his fixed eye he dunked deep into her eyes made of divine lie about beauty, that fades away, but is wholly present right at that moment, in-front of him to cherish and own it.

As Mr. B moved closer to pursue his desire, hunt his prey and JoJo, the handsome young man, suppose a rich dad’s only son, a sound protector of girls, poked his nose into this business.

Ah, what now? an usual rich kid protecting young ladies event now?

Dude, we are architects and we came here for careful inspection of this place and to study the material offered here, please don’t play tricks and spoil our mood.

Oh wow, Architects, then we definitely have a business going on in here, in some distant 2-4 years or just in case if you’re smart enough to move up the corporate ladder, it’d be just a moment away in closing a big deal- still not taking away his eyes from Jeniffer and moving very often and rarely to JoJo, paying a very little attention to his existence and giving his enough to deal with it.

How damn you know her name that was Jeniffer without talking to her, you might wonder, oh well I did too, as a reader your nose would definitely try to poke into such sequence to be smart and witty, but listen, Jeniffer is a just a name, looking at the small cross dollar, thin chain on her neck, proves she’s christian also her friends occasionally calling jen jen, to bring her attention back into their world from wandering into some distant space proved she’s Jennifer and they called her Jen as pet-name, oh it’s easy to spot that someone’s distracted when their head is present here and mind wanders elsewhere, that you gotta call their name twice to revert them back from the reverie, no more questions.

What do you mean? Mr..

Mr. B

Let’s assume, you have a bright future laying around the corner by your father’s big fortune or you get placed in some nice construction business, you definitely need to understand the type of clients. Isn’t?

Well, our designs are so precise and sharp that they come searching for us.

Kid, you definitely have a bad understanding about the reality of business and humanity.

As if you know everything, get the hell out of here man, we got things to do.

Wow, kid, mind your tongue while talking business.

Or else, what would you do.

Else, I might have to lead this beautiful girls here under better arms and teach them how bad boys deal with such situations, calm.

Hey JoJo, calm down, let’s listen what business prospect he’s upto- Jennifer interrupted the conversation- girls were shocked that first time in a while, Jennifer had actually given her ears to someone.

Intrigued- everyone agreed to go with the plan.

Well, what’s a customer, a human, a human with feelings, a human who knows the taste of ginger-lemon, feels the colours inside his brain, tears into ocean when saddened and jumps into the sky while something exciting or interesting happens and with bright enlarged pupils, absorbing as much as lights and details necessary while they’re seriously interested in what has met their existence-some interesting-intriguing soul stirring prospects-just like now.

True you’re right, tell us more, bency moved an inch closer than before- careful not to take up Mr. B’s space. Just yet!

JoJo on the other hand is losing his game and grip already.

How is it going to be useful to us anyway? JoJo made a comeback.

Well, for starters where did you purchase your shirt from?

It’s a brand new Calvin Klein worth just Rs.7999 bucks, smiled at his rich taste.

Pretty good-and for that watch how much did you pay JoJo?

It’s gifted by my parents for my birthday-I assume it should be around 2 lakhs or something.

And these shoes?

It’s Nike. Come on! Am tired of it already.

You should learn to be patient first JoJo, am about to impart a life changing lesson to you here, now. Keep your mind open to receive it, else you’re not going to lose some precious bucks also you’re gonna build silly buildings of future.

JoJo, having convinced even he has something to learn from this Mr.B

Ok tell us.

Good boy, you bought an almost 8k worth shirt not because you were rich, not actually because the colour, the fabric, the details inspired you, but the feeling it conveys, the emotion it stirred inside you and others while they saw you wearing a Calvin Klein, worth Rs.7999- that gives you a confidence, a sense of achievement, a different feeling from others- that should never over power your brilliance of looking down on someone else who’s wearing garments for lesser amount, the outfit you wear are manufactured by labours you consider poor, they sow seeds, harvest, nurture and grow cotton, silk etc., and they condition it, make it perfect for stitching and all together comes into a single piece called a shirt, there’s a huge process involved behind a single shirt, now if you look at in this perspective – you’re giving money to the labour, the people, their families- but the brand is not always about charity- it’s also about how much profit you make out of it, so you definitely incorporate your luxury intelligence into the products, you make unique products, which conveys the rich feeling, so it’s the feeling that you sell, not the product itself.

I completely agree with you, how can we incorporate the same in our business, in our line of education.

It’s simple, first talk to people, be open minded in understanding what they really need, in the end, it’s what the customer is willing to pay- not what you’re selling, initially you have to understand the people, know their systems, beliefs, their approach to life, their economic status, their value for other lives, et cetera et cetera, then with the pinch of your charm, details and devotion you can deliver them an unique product that will tailor fit their needs, be it a heritage design, a luxury specification, a simplistic modular approach- you can modify based on your customer’s demands.

I understand that to be able to convey a meaning, a specific service one must be able to listen to the customer, learn from him and deliver a product that will suit his needs and demand, not force some idea or product we have with us.

You’re partially right, say for instance, you have a product, a product that will be useful to you. For instance, take a leather bag, which is not only appealing to the eye, but it’s also good enough to carry your goods, dresses and cosmetics, I assume you don’t have to use them to look beautiful Jennifer, though, it’s a product everyone needs even if not everyone needs, people like you will need it, then you have to find the people like you and deliver them your products. Either way, to be good at selling your idea, you should be good with people. Understood JoJo?

Yes Mr. B, the little kid regained his senses and was completely stunned by this man’s approach towards life, all his anger and frustration faded away, he definitely had to give in to this wisdom of years in few moments.

Oh come on, JoJo, enjoy your drink, it’s nothing, we are all born human, we make mistakes, that’s alright.

What, are you a mind reader?

No, sincerely am not. I just speak what I feel and I try to be honest and true to my feelings.

Anyways, it was nice hanging out with you guys, just in case if we have any business prospects in future regarding setting up a brand, a new business venture or to find a tailored fit style for your needs here’s my visiting card, Mr. B extended one card towards the centre of the table.

The Smart ones know how to seize the opportunity-when it’s presented to them.
Weaker ones, wait, doubt, procrastinate and overthink , which one are you?

Jennifer, without second thought, extended her arms and pulled the card closer and read, Mr. B, 944****449.

But there’s 4 numbers missing.

The birthday and the day that doesn’t exist on a calendar, use your brain to reach the Stars.

Good luck.

Lost Girl

Arrived at the cross roads of life finally, it’s a cross road, one leads me back to home and the other leads me to an unknown destination, one leads me to a job that I hate, and an another one leads me to a life that I absolutely love but full of hurdles, which one should I choose? 

Looking at the traffic signal and through her shoulders she turned around her head to see how far she has come, it’s so far, so far she could remember, everyone has a cross road of life, as on the other side, she found a guy similar to her, at his cross road but he certainly had a glow on his face, what does he know that I don’t know? What did he find that I never found out yet? With that intense curiosity to understand herself, life and to sort out her confusion- she took a step ahead and with a heavy noise-a heavy truck passed her by, phew, that was close, for a moment, she lost herself to the World and came alive to an unknown world, she didn’t step back- she knew it was just the lesson, a test for her bravery to breach the limits and walk past her fears, she took that road-that would lead her towards the unknown- the guy had seem to be on the same track as well. 

Couple of minutes back at her home. 

Loud noises everywhere, complaints, ridicule, shame, do you know our family? did you even consider thinking about your dad? did you thought about your sister, brother, uncle, and the list was huge, she was cornered like a silly little rat who just caught in a trap desiring a burnt piece of coconut. I should have known, I should have known before telling my plans to these people, ah, enough. I’m not going, are you happy? Everyone seemed to resume back from their roles of creating such an intense drama to an absolutely loving and calming family lived in that village, ever. 

She was stunned by this silence and the sudden switch of scenes, her grandma came close to her, sat down with her, extending her arms around her shoulder and bringing her to solace, laying soft on her grandma’s shoulder was a piece of heaven, a sofa of comfort and ultimate home she has never seen, finding comfort there, she started crying, tears rolled down her cheeks as the realisation dawned on her, both on the cheeks of granny and of her grand child- they both realised the trap laid deep into their lives, they realised it all, for her-her grandma was her best friend-she wasn’t allowed to spread her wings or words elsewhere- her feelings weren’t valid allowed without the approval of her parents. 

Such a miserable trap laid, a barrier for your soul, what are you planning to do? asked grandma in her usual calm and loving tone.

I don’t know granny, I don’t know where I’d go, I don’t know what I’ll do but am sure I don’t want to be here, stuck in this rut, living the same dream and same life over and over again, I want to be out of this junk, out of the preying sight, I want to be free bird granny, looking at a blue bird stuck in a cage that she kept captive- as her best-friend who listened to her and the blue bird is the only one who didn’t deny her feelings-neither deny her feelings nor said anything about her dreams. But looking at her best friend, she felt the urge to free him off her cage, from the shackles she, herself laid on her best-friend, remembrance of her fondest memories with her blue bird didn’t allow her to set him free, yet she knew, this time she had to do it, do it for her happiness for setting him free from his cage that she kept him captive because of her lack of courage, she mustered up all the courage and she grabbed the blue bird by her hands, he was holding a strong grip on her tiny fingers and he looked at her with his usual loving smile, of all these days, I had kept you in the cage but you never failed to amuse me with your presence, you loved me for what I am, you heard me out when no one else did, yet I kept you for myself, stuck in the same rut as I am, today I am setting you free, from this cage, forever, she threw him out of the window, he tried to flock his feathers, tried to fly, but he failed as his senses had lost touch with the wind and flying- she felt sad and terrified looking at the sight of her favourite bird, that had lost it’s touch of flying free, she realised the doom, the curse she had brought up on her blue bird, she thought she was loving him, doing him right, yet, she never realised the fact-for the blue bird belongs to the wind, it’s born to be free and he’s a divine creation of the creator.. as she finished thinking all this, the bird took a quick flight, piercing through the wind, raised above the skies and quickly disappeared.

As if the bird had instantly regained his lost spirit and vibrance, the strength resumed as the purpose of this bird in her life had been realised and he had fulfilled the job that was assigned to him by his divine lover, eternal love, he went back to the one who’s home for all, looking at the distant sky and the shining light, it all seemed full of blue bird, it wasn’t just her blue bird, it was, him, his, the divine lover, himself got stuck in her cage, knowingly to teach her lessons and set her soul-free-and back to life. 

Grabbing up all the courage, she has decided to go in search of truth, to find her life and collect memories, experiences of her own, she wanted to live truly alive, with wind on her face, rain on her chin, laying naked in the distant waterfalls where no one can touch her, except her bluebird, who’s always in the wind, in the weather, even in the tiny feather, he was hiding beneath, she knew, if she was to be found naked it was with him, she will be surrounded with the air, he will be touching her, if on water, he will be kissing her most intimate spaces, this sudden realisation touched her soul and put her on chills and goose bumps on that instance. 

Snapped back from a reverie and day dreaming, she was still looking outside the window, the bright morning sky, the blue white clouds, birds flying free, the trees dancing rhythmically to the gentle winds, ah, what a beautiful sight, look at those flower, look at it’s thickness, fresh, every inch of their fabric is stitched to such perfection, meticulously and meaningfully draped in such a fashion; the reds, yellows and greens, oh what a vibe, what a giver of life, what truly a masterpiece is this artist and his artwork, but wait, am I the author of this story? No, noway, this is someone else’s story, but wait, he’s narrating my story, are you the blue bird? She knew, the only way to find out was to continue the journey, keep learning and reading- apart from choosing to read this far, am in full control. What if I choose to deny and walk out of this, do you think I wouldn’t be able to play with you puppet? You’re just a character on a movie and me, I am, the director, I decide where to cut the scene, where to play the music, where to make someone cry, also I know how to make someone laugh, how to burn bridges and build empires and burn them hundreds to zero in one moment and raise them from zero to hundred on the next, ah, am a bastard I know, but I won’t call myself a genius, there’s no such word that exists to define my intelligence, if a word of my creation is capable of defining my intelligence, then there are millions of languages available for you to refer and decipher the meaning of my intelligence, so chuck it, for now. 

Pack your bags real good, take your necessary clothing, a bottle of water, a notepad, pen, a camera, charge your mobile phone to 100% but don’t switch it on until need arrives, take a tooth brush, paste and sweater, welcome to the World of Unknown, let’s get lost. 

But, my family? Let’s deal with them later, she slowly stepped down from her room through the stairs, it was mid afternoon and everyone were so busy in the kitchen, she walked past almost everyone of her family, her grand dad was reading newspaper with his eye pieces slightly down and on his nose, her sister must be studying in her room or watching some sick old drama on television with popcorns in her hand, probably munching all day long and talking gossips, endless gossips, damn am gonna miss this, may be, I should tell her, may be not, just keep walking, at the door was her granny, where you going? 

She lost her courage and she started dropping few tears, yet somehow someone gave her strength from the inside, she raised her jaws, cleared her throat, wiped off her tears and she spoke with such authority to her granny, to live on my own, to explore, wild animals are out there, you know that? 

Ah and I’ll learn to hunt.. No but you’re a woman, so what? I can try and learn. No certain things are not possible, Who said, anything is possible. 

Wait, is it me or he speaking for me through me? 

Hahaha, you’re such a bummer, just tell your grandma, it all will be set right, tell her you’re going for a short little trip out of this rut and you will get back home soon and safe.

You have it all planned out, don’t you, rascal. 

Hey, mind your tongue, you will call me with respect, Mr. A or blue bird. 

Oh, is that so Mr. A ? 


The inside voice is now very loud and clear. Very loud for that fact for her to hear. 

Damn, why didn’t you speak to me before? 

You were always distracted and carried away, what am I to do with your foolish and childish acts, so I allowed to you play your own miserable game. It’s all an illusion, the only person who’s real is yourself and you have it all within your reach, all the riches of the World, the abundance that you seek, the knowledge, the wisdom, anything that you seek is already within, you just have to ask me, humble and lovingly, as from a lover, a friend you shall receive. 

Ok I need a BMW 5 Series, she said, don’t be foolish again, do you know to drive a car? Can you differentiate a manual and an automatic, can you park your car if you take it outside? 

No-she said with her sad tone, first learn to drive a car, get your license, then we will establish a business that will bring forth all the money you require to afford that luxury sedan you want for yourself, would it be a thrill if you could get it right away, I mean, I can gift you that luxury, right now, but I just want to be sure that you can drive a car safe and sound, that am not putting my money into the wrong hole, you get it? 

Dude, you’re treating me like a little kid, a student, ah come on. 

Shut up, now move your ass. 

Now she’s on the cross roads of her life, she has to learn driving, but first she has to walk out of his rut, meet some new people, write down her own story, own thoughts in the note pad, stay hydrated and explore. 

Wake up, it’s time, shocked, was it all a dream? Or am I stuck in a trance again, looking at her bedside, the cage was still there, but the blue bird.. but the blue bird… 

Game Time

It’s normal,

No it’s abnormal,


Sitting at the edge of a mountain, fresh, green and alive, with rain accompanying the scene-with that chilled weather failing to shiver our spine, we stood under the trees like grown up tall monkeys, listening to the hustle, whistles of the trees and the butterfly, birds here and there, we picked up some rare flowers as well, as we belt down through the other side of that fresh hill, the water falls, the freshness of stones, the way they felt on my bones, damn it, she’s hot.


It’s like you know, you’re stuck in a dream and someone suddenly wakes up, you wonder what I was even dreaming, is it even real? Wait dude, what did you just do to me? No I didn’t do anything, did you just see those trees up there, they look like coral leaves inside the water from here, being at the top does that to you, look at that eagle drifting in the wind-all alone, such a bad ass, I played a song on my mobile and everyone there were instantly taken into different world of dreams and existence, the rain started pouring down on us, we ran to find shelter under the tall trees-as we walked down the other side of that fresh hills, I grabbed my slippers on hands and I was admiring the fine view- Wait, am in my bedroom, I just woke up and I was wondering what I should write, I remember the topic being Game and Time.



Blank Blink

Sometimes it’s just empty pages,
dying clock and miserable silence
some days with the blank keyboard and white paper
failing to bleed and pour down magic,
some moments for the broken hearts and unhealed wounds,
it’s all in the air as dark whispers,
some mourning for the mornings that never came
and prayers for the souls trapped in dreams and illusions,
somedays are so cold not to even think,
even for a blink, it feels too much of an effort.


la Perfume

Your intensity bewitched my soul, you unclogged my emotions and debug my code, your words ran deep down to my broken heart and touches the places that never felt the warmth before, your heat and endless passion ruptures my beliefs and inspires all my intentions to be wild and mad with you, your devilish charms in it’s seductive tone makes me feel the magnitude of your imagination at it’s multifold, you certainly arouse interest in me, peaking my senses where it can’t reach, you certainly cast a spell on my soul–that will forever echo your name at my depths of my heart, as long as it lingers around searching for something beyond the abyss that you let me touch, am forever yours and yours alone to toy with. 

as the woman in velvet finished speaking without any blink or breathe, she looked passionately into his eyes, Mr. Big, calm, composed and relaxed had given a smile on his approval, that notion of his charms, his demeanour and the mysterious secrets that lay beneath the depths of his soul, even if the soil can be grasped and counted–nothing can penetrate through his nature, it’s something like that.

Drink coffee now, the bread is better when it’s bated with butter and roasted warm yet not too brown on it, use your fingers not the spoon, apply only a dash of tomato sauce, over the top of it, and after a bite–apply some in the middle and take one more bite, Mr. Big finished saying this in a stretch of a minute and grabbed a piece of fresh cut fruit and savoured it’s taste, the little mermaid, punched bunny, sweet sugary dream that was sitting infront of him, is still in trance, locked deep inside the ocean of dreams, stuck with this devil by her side, unable to move or she knew every breathe that ran out of her chest is being counted and every beat of her heart that pumped blood all over her body, rushing through the veins is made warm and gentle. 

Finishing up the coffee and bread, she melted down as the silence took hold of the moment, with the fragrance of the flowers, happily playing bunnies, gold fishes in the waters, the last rain drops from the trees and the sensuality of the wooden chair and desk, the chillness of the table felt very soothing and chilling, for every moments in distraction takes away the preciousness of the mild interaction that divinity has with us; isn’t ? 

Her eyes spread wide open, filled with intense passion and desire, she saw something, heard something, and now she couldn’t undo or unpack herself from what she just witnessed, she got herself hacked occasionally in moments like this, she felt helpless yet she saw no other way around other than to surrender to whatever has now taken control of her spirit. 

A giant eagle flew across the sky, gently, yet swiftly making it’s move by utilising it’s wings like a blade–through the winds, it’s almost floating in the atmosphere of nothing, had you thought about this? a Giant eagle was no more a giant eagle, it’s something of a miracle, a creature floating the wind, was all this happening in a dream or is it just me feeling a bit weird and new in his presence, so much to learn yet so little time. 

Bill please, the waiter arrived and wished them good evening as he received the payment and they both left walking down the road, as they were walking, she had so many questions running inside her mind, running here and there, Silence, Mr. Big said as if he had read all her thoughts running wild, catching flames and she looked at him, he was just calmly walking in the woods, with his eyes slowly closing and opening–and making love to the wind just by breathing, to the nature that’s so still, so fresh, alive and unbothered, well balanced and unhurried, the only thing she could feel were his presence, the intensity of his words, the pleasure her senses received every now and then, the kind of trance, smell of unspoken perfume she’s now starting to get possessed with–and with all this events happening at an instance, like waves in the ocean, ripples in an bottomless deep river, they kept walking into the dusk, together. 

Salt City

Bhai, give me a cup of strong tea with less sugar. 

the bhai, one with a brown and silver beard, white cap, chapped lips and brown skin with mild wrinkles that has just started to show up on his surface looked at the voice that came from the bench, not only bhai but other customers who were there at that moment looked in the same direction as bhai with intense curiosity, same order from three different people at the same time.

Roy a 3 year old, Ritwik an 27 year old and finally Marikar 63 year old, bhai looked in the direction of the three people sitting on the same bench together everyone’s kinda nervous and relaxed at the same time, the radio went silent for a moment, the cycle wheel that was going on the road moved slowly and through the wheels everyone in the shop, bhai, Raj, Ritwik, Marikar and the other customers who were watching all this happening, they were taken back into a moment of rain, a harsh rain, it’s in the wild wood, Ritwik was walking his lover from different caste through the wild woods to a beautiful old house that’s situated at the hill top, that’s their usual meet up place, where they spend millions and millions of lifetimes in a few minutes, it’s located amidst a tall trees, this house had an opening, no roof, but there was a ladder through which you can climb and walk over the walls, he carefully took his lovers soft hands and she walked to the top carefully—they walked on the walls and sat on the edge, watching the wild wide spectrum of their world, their own world, where only them two were available, the world they made together in their dreams, fresh green trees, giant blue rivers, yellow, royal blue, butterflies, birds, and giant tuskers, deers with dark eyes, everyone were there, including the ruthless predators, resting over the rock in a safe distance from them, I guess, they sensed the presence of this couple, the white feathered birds that just arrived on the walls same as them preened and looked at them in awe, for a while, they were so lost in their own world that they forgot to think about the reality of their existence in their Salt City, the name, just the remembrance of it, made Ritwik’s lover shrunk, her shoulders crooked and as she looked behind her, in the far far distance, the Salt City, the average houses, the people, their beliefs, their system and rules, the mere thought of it brought tears in her otherwise glowing star night pearl eyes, the tears rolled down her soft cheeks as a waterfall from the mountain barely touching the tip of her lips and made it to Ritwiks arms that was around her shoulder, he sensed the sadness in the waters, on his warm body, it evaporated within few moments, yet the chillness and the memory it bought remained etched on his soul understanding her contemplation without explanation, he too fell silent and pulled her head closer to his chest and patted her hair, as the sun started to set, the golden hour spreading it’s munificence, they both were there for the presence of magnificent light to witness their union, Ritwik’s lover rushed and hurried, the birds flew away in shock and the lions resting over the rocks were also seemed shocked, what happened? Ritwik, it’s already late, we have spent more than four hours here already–am gonna get caught to my parents today–she was so scared–but ritwik knew it wasn’t just four hours, having her by his side, he easily pierced through light years busting into the flames, cruising through the void and exploded into dust-

Having taken his form as a baby boy again–the duster fell on Roy’s face, he stumbled and woke up from his deep trance, hey you lazy sleepy head, wake up and go wash your face, little roy woke up from his last bench and slowly walked out of his classroom door, picking up his loose pants and fixing his shoes, feeling his tie, a bit too much for a 5th grade student–went to the washroom, washed his face the old rusty pipe, the smell of it, the greeny layers that has caused their fruition and life form on the cement walls, he touched it with his fingers, it was soft and slippery, they felt shy and giggled, his touch, oh my god, his little fingers and his gentle touch, no wonder they’re in water, already wet, the innocence of Roy was taken back by the canteen smell, he searched his pocket, that tiny pocket Nila Tailors made specially for him had space for rupees five, the thick coin of his time, he grabbed it with his left hand and two fingers, his shirt is a warm clothing, though he hated the idea of wearing tie, he also got fined for not wearing neck button and occasionally the tie as well, so the five rupee is a default setting for him—as he walked into the canteen, raheem bhai, gave away his stunning smile looking at Roy, roy in turn smiled and stunned by looking at his math teacher, he realised that he hasn’t done his home work even today, touching his bum with his hands unconsciously, he felt whats gonna happen to his bums later that day– who was having his hot tea in the old bench, Roy aren’t you supposed to be in classroom now? No sir, I was sent out by english miss for sleeping. Oh, bhai, give him a cup of coffee.

No bhai, give me cup of strong tea with less sugar.

oh tea? Hmm- said maths teacher and went back looking after his business.

as roy settled across his maths teacher, taking grab of a bite, a yellow soft cake, anyone would literally drool by the taste and it’s fragrance, it’s that hard on the layer, but as you take a bite, it melts like butter and spreads it’s flavour throughout your body, one moment it’s there, you can feel it and in the next it’s gone, damn it. As he sat down and took a sip of his hot tea, it burnt his soft tongue, pinkish and soft–his eyes were set on flame…bhai!!!!  It’s too hot! Maths teacher laughed and looked at bhai, they didn’t know Roy preferred his tea strong with less sugar but medium hot, otherwise, no matter who you’re, you, yourself had to fix it. Bhai took the tea glass from raj for a neat setting–the bell rang, Roy has clearly missed the class–maths sir left and boys came rushing in–inside the canteen-as soon as the seniors spot his little guy savouring his tea and cake–they felt the need to spoil that moment and his innocence disturbed them–he looked so tiny and small in their narrow eyes–they came closer and pushed his tea glass aside and the other one took off his cake–Roy felt helpless–just like ritwik–while walking down the muddy grass roads towards his hometown, few km from reaching his lovers nest, they got caught in the rain and with a group of thugs, the group of guys, hawks or predators who were living on the same street as his lover lived, they threw stone over him, Ritwik had no idea how to respond, he kept walking to make sure his lover got home safe, they played foul noises and words over them, realising the pathetic nature of reality, the kinda world they are now living and the beauty of their own world, he kept walking, bruised and broken–the guys laughed at this couple and as well as Ritwik for being a coward and covering up his lover, in a few moments, ritwik got his lover safe at her home, at a safe distance, she felt angry because as we all know, Ritwik didn’t do anything.. without her usual goodbye, she ran to her house, he waited to see if she would turn around, but no luck or is it fate.. he walked back down the same road as he came, while walking on the road, a crow, black crow, pooped over his shoulder, the rain washed it away clean, he kept walking with a bare smile looking at his existence on this world–as he walked on the same road–the guys and thugs were all there, getting their cannons ready to throw hate in the direction best suited for them, the hate they received from their parents, society, religion and system, they didn’t know this, if they had, would they do such cheap act like this?

–asked the old man, Marikar, fairly disappointed by the act he just witnessed near his church, they just destroyed a small–free education to the poor–school for expanding the church, Marikar felt the church isn’t useful as the school was, he felt education to the poor and others is important more than this foolish and childish people’s beliefs and rules, but the city felt otherwise, they needed someone else to save them from their narrow ways, someone else to blame their failure and have a saviour to save themselves from all the bad things they do to eachother–Marikar felt angry and he voiced out his opinion but none among the members of church construction nor anyone with a slightest idea who thought Marikar was right stood with him–who are you to decide the school is more important than a church? You see, the other churches built across our state, we should build something bigger and brighter than what they have, we should raise huge fund and show them our pride and power, don’t be a fool and stand between this Marikar, it’s a matter of pride and if you dare speak of anything against this, you will surely have to face the consequences– Marikar! The Old man, wearing his grey shirt, black pants, silver beard, exotic watch and he smelled like a perfumed garden, on his younger age, he’s such a sweet rascal of his town, he went around doing business to different countries and different women, so his reputation though high amidst women it surely did brought hate from his fellow men, he sensed it, yet his predicament about the church or the school stood strong.. Marikar! We know what you’re thinking, if you think you can convince us with your delicious talks and surrender to your will by your charm, beware, we are not that type of ladies you hang out with, you surely have to back off, otherwise you will have to spend the rest of your life at an old age or a hospital trying to fix your broken bones—trying to fix your broken bones and the stone took a deep cut on Ritwik’s eyes, the soft muscle cut and it bleed, it was painful, yet Ritwik kept walking, the foul words kept pouring at him, he saw the wound, it was clearly not his, the foul generation, the mean people, it belonged to them, the blood pouring from his skin wasn’t his fault, it was not his to blame, the sound pain deepened and at this moment–Roy felt something in him awakening and rising his spirit, he couldn’t control himself, he was possessed by the flame–that went over burning in his eyes, through his body and soul, he was clearly and completely possessed by the spirit, he got up from his bench and pushed his seniors aside- found a thick piece of wood kept in an corner of the canteen for cooking, he took one of the finest woods and he smacked at his seniors, with every thrust and smash, he felt his brutal rage and ecstasy at the same time, it was making him feel like God, the rush in his veins, the blood pumping so hot, the aggression of the giant–the old man ran a JCB, a yellow giant into the church, he broke them church into ruins, he crushed them into pieces and the countrymen knew he would run over them if they dared, he got down and spoke in his gentle tone, you know Marikar’s charm and deliciousness, but there are other aspects of mine you haven’t met, do you want to see more of it? The crowd stepped back–Ritwik smashed everyone of them with the rough bite of his fingers, everyone had to say answer to his ruthless bite, the storm took rage and fell heavy on earth, the flooded the streets and washed away the ruins and canteen was empty and the bell rung–as the officials arrived at the church, Marikar had already spoke to the concerned department and judiciary about the legal acts there to be followed, looks like he had already done enough research about the holes in the rules and the new team responsible for the establishment of brand new school with an detailed and structured plan arrived at the scene–the crowd fell back and watched this play, a Woman softly whispered to her neighbour and they both giggled at, “Marikar, has his own way.”

the city calmed down–the three people walked from different roads and sat on the bench, with an old classic on the radio, Louis Armstrong’s What a wonderful world, bhai served them all three with a strong tea with less sugar and as they all took their first sip of tea, the place felt hotter than ever and all the three looked at bhai and said Bhaiii!!!!!! 


Let’s talk about the night, it’s always in the night, the existence of light in darkness, the life in it’s depths occurs, have you sneaked into the kitchens of hotels? It’s different, the music, the steam, the vegetables and a guy smoking a cigarette, it’s different there, I walked in and out into a garden, it’s a new place, can I bring a girlfriend here ? I asked, and you know what he said, ah may be you can and you cannot, you know what I mean. Silly, the food was ready at the meanwhile, I saw the moon, up in the sky, like a silver coin amidst the shady green trees, have you spoke to the trees? They do talk, hey, am not kidding, you should listen to them, I told my friend who was with me, the trees know how we feel, they listen to the whispers of our hearts, they dance gently with response to our feelings, did you look at that, that tall tree, it’s looking at you, hey beautiful, how are you doing today? Wow, what you got here, how’s your day? But you don’t listen do you? You’re always busy inside your head, thinking of either past or the future, the probability of being somewhere else than in the present, next time, when you think you’re all alone, just listen to the trees, I’ll speak to you through them.

No shit

riding on a blue scooter,
through the city lights
to the beach, river and across different people,
just flowing like a wind
we sat on a wooden bench and ate from a poor man’s hands
my friend wanted a cup of tea,
we were drifting in the sand,
carelessly jumping here from there on the roads,
finally at the door step of a tea shop,
a crow dropped a shit on my hands,
I washed it clean with water on my own hands,
that shit cleaned my soul and made me pure,
It’s no shit, brother.


first time

It was the first time,
she sat under the big banyan tree,
all by herself beside a river–she let her hair and feet dangle in the wind,
it was the first time,
she let herself swiped by the stillness of the wind,
it was the first time,
she knew she was born again, into a new world of dreams,
she allowed herself to put her fingers on the river,
it touched her like it’s free, it was the first time the moon landed on her feet,
when she let her feet dip into the chillness of her dream,
it was the first time,
she watched her very own on the reflection of the river,
it was passing by,
each moment,
she was still there,
all the same,
watching her dream through a screen,
it was the first time again,
she dropped her clock in the office,
watched few birds in the sight, they sung lullabies on her dreams,
far from the crowds reaching this serenity has given her a name,
it was the first time,
she fell in love with thy and felt little shy,
thy who she hasn’t seen anywhere near her life,
yet he was so close,
that she felt her presence in sight,
over the wild morning sky,
it was the first time,
she found a couple of butterflies dancing in delight, they just made it all beautiful with their colourful light,
it was the first time,
she found paradise amidst the mountain as morning sunshine,
it wasn’t dream she was alive, it was the first time,
he woke her up and made her smile,
it was the first time, she lived and died,
It was the first time,
she danced over the river and found herself at the branches of tree,
it was the first time her clothes were set free,
it was the first time she was naked in thee,
and the fever in her bones started to flee,
it was the first time,
she felt like a baby in a cradle,
on her mothers lap,
with fathers embrace,
she went back to sleep,
it was the first time she woke up again,
fell from the cradle of dreams and found a tiger chasing a deer again,
it was the first time, she picked up a stick and ran behind the tiger,
she chased him insane and got the grip of his mane,
it was the first time she rode over the black stallion over a fast lane,
it was the first time she screamed someone else name,
it was the first time she was born again,
into a new world amidst the sunflower garden covered with green leaves sheets,
it was the first time she was born again,
she was covered in delight and walked out of her mothers womb, she was born again,
as a fresh morning sunshine,
it was the first time but she isn’t same.


neither nor

She’s a lover you wish you never had,
she’s the taste of every bit of liquor and cocaine in town,
she makes you tipsy high with the aroma of her lips,
she’s the lollipop and the dreams,
she’s the music on your ears,
warming coffee and cake while in tears,
she’s every bit of magic, causing heart ache tragic
she dance naked in her sunburn dress,
mermaid living in the blue ocean fresh
who am I to do justice to her beauty with my words,
only a fool would do that,
I’m no fool neither aM i

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